Health and Pleasure

Paeonia of SardiniaExtra-virgin olive oil is the only fat that is obtained from pressing the fruit without further manipulation: it is a fruit juice. Extra-virgin olive oil is a delicate product that needs ideal working conditions to reach the desired balance of flavours and to preserve the aromas and the most precious compounds.

Particularly rich in phenolic compounds, the olive oil has anti-oxidation properties and powerful anti-cancer effects. It helps us to live in good health, and to age well. Our olive oil is not a medicine though, but a pleasure. It is a faithful companion through all the seasons of our lives. A truly important presence. It protects and consoles. It is a quiet friend. It is food and drink.

Well-being of the body and of the mind Extra virgin olive oil is not a fat that we add to food. Rather, a sprinkling has the power to modify and exalt the perception of tastes. Whether your dish is simple fare or high cuisine, the harmony of taste and pleasure afforded depend to a large extent on the oil.

Olive harvest
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