Our Work

OlivesWe work over 2,000 trees, all DOP-SARDEGNA registered. All varieties are exclusively native and typical of the area: Majorchina, Tonda di Cagliari, Bosana and Pizz’e carroga. Olives are gathered at the onset of ripening, by hand and with mechanical shakers, and are pressed for oil within a few hours from harvesting.

From the olive grove to the oil We use a modern, certified, continuous-cycle mill. Our oil is cold-pressed at a temperature below 27° C. We select only the best olives, and only the highest-quality oil becomes DOP Corte Olìas.

It is stored in air-tight, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Following natural settling, the oil is transferred to 0.25- and 0.50-liter bottles.

Oil extraction
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