Our Firm

Traditional work with horse and plough We are located in Escolca, at 416 meters above sea level, in the southern Sarcidano hills, a land of folk that often live past 100. Our village lies just below the nuragic sites of Serri, Orroli, Barumini, in the geographical heart of Sardinia

This is a soft, yet rugged landscape, dignified and severe, yet also kind. Our hillside groves receive excellent exposure in low-density conditions, with approximately 120 trees per hectare, and are 50 years old on average.

Tradition and innovation Our small groves, like “courts”, are separated by low lentisk hedges or dry stone walls – remnants of the bygone break-up of family farms when no heir was willing to give up his or her share of olive trees, so good was the oil they produced. That’s why we call our olive oil Corte Olìas.

Our firm is young and vibrant, carrying on the work of our fathers, with the same determination that drove them to produce oil with the greatest care and attention, even in the hardest of times, without ever yielding to the allure of sophistication and artificial manipulation. Each step of our work is carried out with the utmost accuracy, with the aim of achieving excellence.

One-century-old olive tree
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