History and Territory

Containers to measure the oilSardinian olive oil is an ancient oil. In Greek mythology, it was Aristaeus, the son of Apollo and Cyrene, who brought olive cultivation to Sardinia. Indeed, representations from the Nuragic age show Aristaeus holding an olive branch as he offers olive oil to his followers.

Recent studies have revealed that it was the Mycenaeans who introduced olive cultivation and the techniques for the extraction of oil, through commerce with the Sards during the 12th century B.C.

An ancient and pecius oil This extra virgin olive oil is made of sun and wind, clean air and begrudging rains, purity. It is the fruit of Sardinia’s nature, our land and its aromas.
The uniqueness of the climate and the land, the native varieties of olives, and the extraordinary biodiversity of Sardinia lend its oil a multi-faceted character all its own, of the highest quality, abounding in delicate bouquets and grassy nuances. Experts agree that olive oil from Sardinia is among the world’s best. As its fame spreads, more and more people are discovering Sardinian olive oil’s uniqueness and personality, its stylistic richness, its exclusiveness. The product smacks of a native land, its fragrances and character.

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